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X-Therma lands a cool $22.4m to advance cryopreservation platform

Published in General News, Organisations.

Cryotechnology company targets regenerative medicine and organ transplantation with a range of preservation and transportation solutions.
Cryopreservation technology company X-Therma has concluded an oversubscribed Series B funding round, securing $22.4 million to advance its platform for regenerative medicine and organ preservation. The company is aiming to transform cold chain technology, improving global access to organs, engineered tissues, and regenerative therapies.

The range of products in X-Therma’s pipeline are designed to tackle specific challenges in regenerative medicine and organ transplantation. From non-toxic cryopreservation solutions for regenerative medicines and organs to transport solutions specifically designed for organs and biologics, the company is developing a range of alternatives to traditional cryopreservation approaches.

By extending organ preservation times and addressing critical time-sensitive limitations in the process, X-Therma aims to increase organ availability for transplantation with technologies designed to ensure high cell recovery and functionality.

Dr Xiaoxi Wei, co-founder and CEO of X-Therma, said that the company’s products “could eliminate time as a critical constraint, with the potential to save millions of lives.”