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Building Local Solutions for Accessing Imaging Technology

Published in Organisations.

Imaging technologies continue to propel biomedical discoveries forward with advancements in new super-resolution microscopy techniques, analysis algorithms and live-imaging methodologies, to name a few. However, the availability of new technologies does not equate to accessibility, and expertise and access are limited in many countries due to ongoing socioeconomic, educational and technological challenges.

Global access to imaging technologies is critical for a more just and healthy future. It enables researchers to pursue research that is a high priority for their local context, ensuring global representation in research. Further, it strengthens all biomedical research to have a diversity of expertise and feedback, as well as applications of research.

Dr. Alenka Lovy, an assistant professor at the Universidad Mayor, is building capacity for light-sheet imaging across labs in her university, the rest of Chile and South America. She leads a network of scientists building tailored solutions to connect more researchers in the region with both commercial and portable light-sheet microscopes to enhance their research.