Cryonics Revival Scenarios & Potential Roadmaps & Hypotheses

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A discussion on ending human aging, cryonics, & thinking for yourself, with Nicholas DiBella

Published in YouTube & Videos.

Dr. Nicholas DiBella is a philosopher, physicist, immortalist, and — if things don’t go to plan — future Cryonics Institute patient. Students in 80-101 Dangerous Ideas in Science and Society submitted the questions that guide our discussion. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! (The chapter markings below are generated by GPT-4; the time stamps are sometimes a few minutes off.)

0:00:02 Introduction and Nicholas’ Journey into Cryonics
3:02 The Intersection of Religion, Death, and Cryonics
6:54 Rational Hope and Psychological Comfort
9:51 Aging, Death, and the Value of Life
13:49 Life Extension and the Prospect of Immortality
18:40 Dealing with Loss of Loved Ones in Cryonic Preservation
21:37 The Uncertain Future of Cryogenically Preserved Individuals
31:28 Identity, Enhancement, and Preserving the Self
37:22 Uncertainties, Legalities, and Personal Preferences in Reanimation
42:19 Considering the Chances of Cryonic Revival
54:03 Determining the Rational Threshold for Cryonic Preservation
57:59 The Importance of Analyzing Logical Arguments
1:06:46 The Costs and Accessibility of Cryonics
1:16:00 Tips for Overcoming Conformity and Embracing Independent Thinking
1:22:00 Potential for Preemptive Cryonic Preservation
1:27:14 Conclusion and Final Thoughts