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Discovery Unlocks Terahertz Technology for Quantum Sensing

Published in The Quantum World.

TOPICS: Materials Science Photonics Rice University Sensor

Rice University researchers have identified a way to utilize the “new terahertz gap” using strontium titanate, enabling the development of innovative optical technologies in the 3-19 terahertz range. This discovery could lead to advancements in quantum materials and medical diagnostics.

Metal oxide’s properties could enable a wide range of terahertz frequency photonics.

Visible light is a mere fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum, and the manipulation of light waves at frequencies beyond human vision has enabled such technologies as cell phones and CT scans.

The Importance and Challenges of the Terahertz Gap
“Optical technologies in this frequency region ⎯ sometimes called ‘the new terahertz gap’ because it is far less accessible than the rest of the 0.3-30 terahertz ‘gap’ ⎯ could be very useful for studying and developing quantum materials for quantum electronics closer to room temperature, as well as sensing functional groups in biomolecules for medical diagnosis,” Zhu said.