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Electricity can heal even the worst kind of wounds three times faster, new study finds

Published in Tech News, Tools.

Scientists used an old theory to develop a new technique that involves exposing skin cells to an electric field to make the wounds on the skin heal faster.

Researchers from Chalmers Insitute of Technology (CTH) and the University of Freiburg have proposed an interesting technique that enables chronic wounds to heal faster than ever.

Medical conditions like diabetes, cancer, disturbed blood circulation, and spinal injuries can sometimes impair our body’s natural ability to heal wounds. Patients who live with such conditions often experience wounds that don’t heal.

These unrepaired chronic wounds become a source of infection and sometimes even lead to amputations, making patients’ lives very difficult. In their latest study, the researchers claim to heal chronic wounds three times faster using electric current.

“Chronic wounds are a huge societal problem that we don’t hear a lot about. Our discovery of a method that may heal wounds up to three times faster can be a game changer for diabetic and elderly people, among others, who often suffer greatly from wounds that won’t heal,” said Maria Asplund, one of the study authors and an associate Professor of Bioelectronics at CTH.