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Published in Numerical Simulations, Tools.

A thirtieth anniversary! Back on March 16th, 1992, Fran├žois Graner and James Glazier submitted our very first paper on the Cellular Potts Model/Glazier-Graner-Hogeweg model to Physical Review Letters. We had no idea at that point that the method would still be used today and would be implanted in a dozen different modeling frameworks. As of today, that original paper (which appeared on September 28th, 1992) has been cited more than 1350 times.

We collaborate extensively with several other computational biology tools groups.

About CompuCell3D

CompuCell3D is a flexible scriptable modeling environment, which allows the rapid construction of sharable Virtual Tissue in silico simulations of a wide variety of multi-scale, multi-cellular problems including angiogenesis, bacterial colonies, cancer, developmental biology, evolution, the immune system, tissue engineering, toxicology and even non-cellular soft materials. CompuCell3D models have been used to solve basic biological problems, to develop medical therapies, to assess modes of action of toxicants and to design engineered tissues. CompuCell3D’s intuitive interface makes Virtual Tissue modeling accessible to users without extensive software development or programming experience.