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ChatGPT: What is the most expensive tool in simulation of biology ?

Published in Numerical Simulations, Tools.

What is the most expensive tool in simulation of biology entities ?

The cost of simulation tools in biology can vary widely depending on the specific software and licensing options chosen. However, one example of a high-end simulation tool in biology is the Desmond software suite developed by D. E. Shaw Research. Desmond is a molecular dynamics simulation package designed for simulating large biomolecular systems and is particularly well-suited for simulating complex protein-ligand interactions.

The cost of licensing Desmond is not publicly available, as it is negotiated on a case-by-case basis with individual research institutions. However, it is known to be one of the most expensive simulation tools in the field, with licensing fees reportedly in the range of several hundred thousand dollars per year for academic users. The high cost reflects the substantial computational resources required for running large-scale molecular dynamics simulations and the significant development and support costs associated with developing and maintaining the software.