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A question to ChatGPT about simulations in biology

Published in Numerical Simulations, Personalized medicine.

is there a product about simulation of large biological entity

Yes, there are several software products that can be used for simulating large biological entities, such as cells, tissues, and organs. These products typically use mathematical models and computational algorithms to simulate the behavior of biological systems, allowing researchers to study complex biological phenomena and predict the effects of different interventions.

One example of such a product is the Virtual Cell (VCell) software developed by the National Resource for Cell Analysis and Modeling (NRCAM) at the University of Connecticut. VCell is a computational platform that can be used to simulate a wide range of biological systems, from individual cells to whole organs, and can be used to explore a variety of biological processes, including cell signaling, gene expression, and metabolism.

Another example is the SimBioSys software developed by SimBioSys Inc., which is a suite of tools for simulating biological systems at multiple scales, from molecular interactions to whole organs. SimBioSys can be used to model a wide range of biological processes, including protein-ligand binding, enzyme kinetics, and cellular transport, and can be applied to drug discovery, toxicity testing, and personalized medicine.

Other products for simulating biological systems include CompuCell3D, which is an open-source software platform for simulating complex biological systems, and PhysiCell, which is a computational framework for simulating multicellular systems.