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Multidrug Nanoparticle Platform Improves Drug Delivery against Cancer

Published in Nanomedicine.

In a study of mice, MIT chemists demonstrated that their multidrug nanoparticle shrank tumors much more than when drugs were given at the same ratio but untethered to a particle. Their nanoparticle platform could potentially be deployed to deliver drug combinations against a variety of cancers.

Their findings are published in Nature Nanotechnology in an article titled, “Molecular bottlebrush prodrugs as mono- and triplex combination therapies for multiple myeloma.”

“Cancer therapies often have narrow therapeutic indexes and involve potentially suboptimal combinations due to the dissimilar physical properties of drug molecules,” wrote the researchers. “Nanomedicine platforms could address these challenges, but it remains unclear whether synergistic free-drug ratios translate to nanocarriers and whether nanocarriers with multiple drugs outperform mixtures of single-drug nanocarriers at the same dose. Here we report a bottlebrush prodrug (BPD) platform designed to answer these questions in the context of multiple myeloma therapy.”