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Why cryonics is controversial? An answer by the OpenAI Chat bot in December 2022.

Published in Artificial Intelligence, Financial, General News.


Why cryonics is controversial?

OpenAI Chat Bot:

Cryonics, or the storage of human bodies or organs at very low temperatures for the purpose of resuscitating them at a later date, is a controversial subject for several reasons.

First of all, cryonics is not a scientifically proven technique and there is no proof that the resuscitation of human bodies or cryogenic organs is possible. Many scientists believe that this technique is not feasible at present and will likely remain ineffective in the future. In addition, cryonics requires complex and expensive medical intervention, and there is no guarantee that the body or organs will be well preserved at very low temperatures and can be resuscitated later.

Moreover, cryonics raises important ethical and philosophical questions. For example, some question the morality of cryonics and the consequences it could have on society and the perception of death. Others worry about the possibility of creating a caste system where only those who can afford to be cryopreserved can hope to be resuscitated in the future.

Because of these uncertainties and ethical issues, cryonics is considered controversial by many people.