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WATCH: Frontiers of Imaging Science

Published in Scanners and Imaging.

Since the invention of the microscope in the 16th century, humankind has delved into the inner workings of the body through the use of imaging technology. In a little more than 100 years, scientific advancements in imaging have led to major breakthroughs that help scientific researchers and medical professionals all over the world see inside the human body in greater detail and with greater clarity.

Although there have been significant advances in biomedical imaging, we are far from the ultimate goal: to visualize life’s processes at the molecular, cellular, and system level, in real time, in the living organism, and in a minimally invasive manner. That’s why the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative launched the Frontiers of Imaging—an effort to support innovations in imaging technology that could be transformative for medical applications and for understanding life at the cellular level.