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What Are The Challenges of Revival from Cryopreservation?

Published in Theories & Scenarios.

So you’re cryogenically preserved, “chilling” in your storage dewar, waiting to wake up in the future. A decade goes by, you’re still there just the same, and your relatives “outside” might start thinking: “What’s taking them so long? Can’t they be revived already? Is it really that hard?” Unfortunately, yes.

Revival from biostasis and curing the underlying cause of death is the most difficult part of the process. It might take medicine more than one lifetime to figure out (which is the point of cryopreservation to begin with). Presently, we can’t give a reliable estimate of when that would be. What we can give is the certainty that we are aware of which problems need to be solved to get there. We’re already actively working on some of them. Let’s look at the challenges cryonicists are faced with one by one.