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How DeSci, DAOs, and NFTs will change research funding, intellectual property, and collaboration.

Published in Financial, Tools.

Decades of Moore’s Law are bringing powerful, mind-blowing scientific equipment within everyone’s grasp—think Fitbit, Oura Rings, and whole-genome sequencing, for starters. Amateur experimenters, citizen scientists, biohackers, and all the other “personal scientists” like me in the world are performing experiments so quickly that traditional science can barely keep up.

Weekly updates from the frontlines of neuroscience, genetics, longevity, synthetic biology, the future of food, and more.

The technology industry brims with successful twenty-somethings who upended long-standing industries with brand new companies and ideas. One reason: the funding model. Tech companies thrive in a rich ecosystem of risk-taking venture capitalists and angel investors eager to bet on multiple seemingly harebrained ideas, knowing that an occasional hit will make up for many duds.

Now a group of scientists and amateurs want to upend the existing government-academia-industry model of scientific funding by using blockchain, the same technology that powers cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Anyone can participate in this new world of decentralized science, dubbed “DeSci,” and as a longtime personal scientist myself, I’ve recently joined a few of these groups. What I found was surprising—and encouraging.