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Apply now for the OpenScope Program

Published in Brain/Neurology.


OpenScope opens the Allen Brain Observatory pipeline to the community, enabling theoretical, computational, and experimental scientists to test sophisticated hypotheses on brain function in a process analogous to astronomical observatories that survey the night sky.

OpenScope is accepting experimental proposals from scientists outside the Allen Institute, which will be reviewed by a panel of leading experts from the international community for their feasibility and scientific merit. The Allen Institute will carry out the selected in vivo experiments in mice brains following verified, reproducible, and open protocols for in vivo single- and multi-area two photon calcium imaging and Neuropixels electrophysiology. In keeping with our open science practices, we will make all the data freely available to these scientists and to the neuroscience community.

Letters of intent are due on September 12. The OpenScope program team will be hosting a webinar for those interested in submitting an RFP. See below for more details.