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World War 3

Published in Theories & Scenarios, Uncategorized.


I think that Cryonics Organisation should prepare of a World War 3 in the meantime.

For that, we need very strong buildings in metal, cement, bricks. And for mental health problem of young people like Schizophrenia when a person take a gun or something like that happen, like shooting in a high school because of past bad remembering or bad memory because of their mental illness. Then organisation in cryonics should be prepared for that with limited access to any dewar for guns.

In other words, organisation should invest in construction, with limited access, and the building being very strong or part of the build being very strong. They could also put their dewars underground. Wheels under the dewar/mobility) dewars is a good idea if placed into a strong building. Or make the dewars almost impossible to destroy even with a bazouka.

Also putting a body into coldness might become too dependant of the economy, maybe using another method to protect the body, the brain etc.. should be developed. Like the Darwin brain which is still not destroyed. In a museum I think.