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3D bioprinting tech to be licensed by Tel Aviv University

Published in Bioprinting.

Tel Aviv University (TAU) and biotechnology company Matricelf signed an exclusive global licensing agreement for the commercialization of a patent in the field of 3D bioprinting of tissues and organs, the university announced on Sunday.

The technology was developed by Prof. Tal Dvir of the TAU’s Department of Biotechnology who is head of the Nanotechnology Center at the university and the Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of Matricelf.

Matricelf will receive the global rights as well as exclusivity to both develop and produce the technology used for printing tissues and organs, subject to meeting scientific and business conditions. The company will commit to sign at least one commercialization agreement with a third party within 36 months, subject to approval by Ramot, the technology transfer company of TAU.

The patent covers different aspects of the technology which allows for simultaneous 3D printing of cells and extracellular matric for producing tissues and organs and is currently undergoing the application process for approval in the US and Europe. The technology is based on liquid nano-molecules which stabilize the printed biological structure. It was used to print a heart made of human cells and extracellular matrix at TAU in 2019.