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Does Death exist?

Published in Theories & Scenarios.

Maybe going in the future is like that: You don’t move while other people are moving. Until they are able to return to the past with faster-than-light technologies, with anti-gravity management. So then death does not exist. Death is a mask. Because when we are dead we don’t move while other people are moving so when we are dead we go to the future, like cryonics, the same happens. Dead or frozen it does not matter. The question is to not move and then go into the past with faster-than-light technologies to take information from the past and revive you. I think it’s a speculative theory. Death would not exist. I hope you know that when we go at the speed of light, time is stopping. Time Travel. With current knowledge with our gravity we have the speed limit, the light speed, but if we control our gravity like -100 G you know with a good propulsion we will go faster than light. We don’t control our gravity that is why we can’t go faster than light. If we have the gravity of light or even less gravity than the light then.. imagine if the light gravity is .01 G and with our gravity management tool, we have a gravity not .01 G but – 100 G so.. we could go back in time and revive people with a full scan and then print them out with a 3d printer and the full scan would come from a powerful satellite, some satellite already is able to listen to us what we say on the planet ground they are able to see us etc.