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The optogenetics scientific zone/industry

Published in Optogenetics, Theories & Scenarios.

Hello, I think that right now optogenetics are able to move only 1 neuron or so. But maybe in the future, when research will go up in this area of science, optogenetics, when optogenetics will be able to move or to touch or to change more than 1 neuron in a single moment, maybe it will help cryonics patients. Imagine a device with a light technology able to move billions or trillions of neurons in our brain at one shot, in a smart manner coming from a precise medical therapy under a perfect simulation of your body and to put back cells how they were before a cryonics experience, it will really help us. More is coming in this particular healthcare industry, more advancements, more surprises, more perfections, more breakthroughs which might become awesome at editing our neurons not animated or animated, better than nanomachines maybe. We will see. I will check news from this area of research more often.