Funding Request: 1 000 000 $USD for 10% of the stocks of Vivify Trucks Inc. (or 100 000$ for 1% or 500 000$ for 5%)

Click on the documents below:

1) Vivify Trucks Inc. Business Plan #1
(PDF) Visits: 473

2) Vivify Trucks Inc. Business Plan #2
(PDF) Visits: 310

3) Vivify Trucks Inc. Roadmap 1.0
(PDF) Visits: 310

4) Vivify Trucks Inc. Support Plan
(PDF) Visits: 277

Here is a document that we are willing to fill with you if you are interested:

5) Recognized Investor Due Diligence Questionnaire
(PDF) Visits: 239

To book an online meeting go to the LinkedIn account of Jonathan Despr├ęs.

Current Time at Vivify Trucks: Date: 2023-12-07 Time: 22:29:01

Visits: 1439

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